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Meet Autumn: About

Meet the Artist 

Hi, I'm Autumn. I am 28 years old and I'm from Detroit, MI. I became a certified lash extension artist once I took my class to learn the technique and become certified July 2018, so I have been doing lashes for over 5 years now. Later on, down the line, I continued my education. I finished my Esthetician program May 2022 and am now a Licensed Esthetician, offering additional services such as hair removal, skincare treatments, & more. When I first started, it was a true challenge. It took so much practice and honestly, I never really stop learning. There is always room for learning and growing, there's always new techniques to adapt to, and this is a field where changes will always occur. It's true that practice makes perfect! The application process of extensions takes tons of patience, so I believe you really have to be passionate about it. My love for lashing and making my clients look/feel beautiful runs deep. Since the application process is longer than a lot of other different beauty services, I take pride in making sure my clients are comfortable. Also, it is vital that your eyes are closed during the process, so it is essential that your clients trust you. I make sure I set the vibe. If the vibe isn't right, I don't feel that I accomplished my goal. To some, I am their lash artist but to most, I am their homegirl. I have some of the most vulnerable, hilarious, and emotional conversations with my clients. We connect, on many different levels. But, if you rather indulge in a much-needed lash nap or vibe out to good music, that's cool too. Either way, I appreciate each and every one of my clients. Thank you for trusting me and supporting me.

With love, Autumn xoxo.

Meet Autumn: About

what is your WHY? How did lashing become a passion of yours?

I graduated with my BA in Psychology in 2017 from Wayne State University. As most students can relate, I struggled with finding out ways to go after what I’m truly passionate about. I knew mental health was something I was truly passionate about but didn’t know which route to go. I knew in the end, I wanted to open up my own practice and counsel. In the mist of that, I started to take lashing more seriously and realized this was one of my passions as well. As a coincidence, I’ve truly learned how the two are related. Being in the beauty industry really allow people to let their guard down with me, clients vent to me and connect with me all of the time. It comes so naturally. Lashing brings me a peace of mind while also bringing my clients a sigh of relief. Clients tell me all of the time how getting their lashes done is one of their favorite aspects of self-care and it’s something they look forward to. I love that. My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible with me and with my work so as long as I am able to achieve that, I know I will always stay motivated to keep going. 

Meet Autumn: About

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."

Meet Autumn: Quote
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